BOBI Awards - Terms and Conditions of Entry

General Terms and Conditions


Ticking this box confirms that you have obtained internal (e.g. management) approval and/or external (e.g. client) approval as necessary. It is your responsibility to determine what permissions/approvals are required.

Consent for the use of personal data (names and photographs/videos) in publicity

Consent for the use of personal data (names and photographs/videos) for publicity purposes will be sought from: 

  • (a) entrants/team members who are highly commended in the real-life submissions and task-based challenge categories 
  • (b) all entrants taking part in the Best Newcomer and BOBI Challenge competitions

They will be asked to consent to the following three data protection requests:

  • Consent to their name and company being mentioned in BHBIA publications/the industry press
  • Consent for photographs/video/sound recordings containing their image to be captured and used in printed and electronic media, including the internet, for promotional purposes 
  • Understand that some images or recordings may be selected for long-term preservation in the BHBIA archives and may be used for publication, broadcasting, public performance, displays and exhibitions - and give consent to this.

(For supporting team members, who are not asked to provide photographs, it is likely that only the first point will apply)

If consent is not given, names will not be published, and/or identifiable images will not be used.

Other general terms and conditions

  • Entry is free, and open to all, but where places are limited priority will be given to BHBIA members.
  • The organisers reserve the right to disqualify entries that do not meet the stated stipulations/are not in the format cited on the website for the category entered.
  • The organisers reserve the right to withdraw any given award category at any time.
  • Press may be in attendance at any BOBI event but no-one will be quoted without their permission. 

Real-life submissions - specific points

  • Any given piece of work can only be entered in one category in any one year.
  • Submissions must relate to business intelligence (which may include any/all of the following, or related areas: market research, field force excellence, primary or secondary data analysis, CRM, multichannel analytics, data collection/fieldwork) that has impacted, or demonstrated the potential to impact on UK healthcare business/strategy, patients and/or the NHS.
  • Work must have been completed in the last 3 years (to 31st December of the year that entries open). 
  • You may submit work that has been entered for previous BOBI Awards if new supporting evidence has become available.
  • The judges reserve the right to consider and potentially commend your entry in a different category than the one entered, if considered appropriate.
  • You may enter a category that your organisation is sponsoring. Judges are selected to avoid any conflict of interest.
  • If you wish, you may base your entry on a programme/project that you have already submitted/will be submitting as a proposed session for the BHBIA Annual Conference.
  • Whilst it's likely that your submission will need to name companies, therapy areas and/or products in order to describe your work, you must not use a branded template (this is to help ensure impartiality of the judging process).
  • There is no limit to the number of entries any individual or company may submit. However, the organisers/judges reserve the right to limit the number of highly commended entries from the same organisation, in the event of that organisation submitting multiple high quality entries in a given category.
  • If you have not managed to obtain final sign-off as the deadline approaches, you may submit your entry by the deadline and have the option to withdraw it within two business days - if approval is not obtained - by notifying us at: Unless such specific notification has been received by us, all entries will go through to the judging process. Aside from the option to withdraw it, you cannot make any changes to your entry once it has been submitted.

Task-based challenges - specific points

  • Entering Analyst of the Year, Analyst Team of the Year, Creative Fieldwork Team of the Year or Compliance Challenge is simply an expression of intention to take part. 
  • For Creative Fieldwork Team of the Year and Compliance Challenge you will receive details of the task at the beginning of March. Analyst of the Year and Analyst Team of the Year competitions take place on a set date as specified.
  • You must ensure that your submission is completely anonymous - i.e. it does not identify the individuals or companies taking part; this will ensure impartiality of the judging process.
  • The same member organisation* may only enter a given task-based challenge category once in any one year (i.e. the same organisation cannot enter two different teams to increase their chances of winning).
  • The Compliance Challenge takes place in alternate years - next competition date: 2024.

Competition days - specific points

Best Newcomer:

  • To be eligible, entrants must have been working in roles that include business intelligence, analytics or market research/fieldwork for no longer than three years on 31st December of the year prior to the competition (non-healthcare BI roles also count towards the three years), and you must have no more than 5 years’ total experience in healthcare.
  • There is a maximum of two places per member organisation*, subject to availability. If two people from the same organisation enter, only the first applicant will initially be allocated a place (subject to availability at the time the application is received). The second person will be added to the waiting list in case another place becomes available. Entrants' managers may want to discuss the best way to handle multiple applications in the event that only one place is available - e.g. they may wish to decide that priority is given to any entrant who is close to the 3 year limit and won't have another chance to take part in the future, even if they are not the first to submit their entry form. 
  • Should a space become available, due to an entrant dropping out, the organisers will allocate the space at their discretion to someone on the waiting list, taking into consideration 1. When applications were received 2. Which companies already have someone on the list of confirmed entrants. (The company whose entrant has dropped out does not have the automatic right to send a substitute – though this opportunity may be offered at the committee’s discretion, depending on what applications are already on the waiting list).

The BOBI Challenge:

  • Places will be provisionally allocated on a first come first served basis, but we reserve the right to limit the number of entrants going forward from any one member organisation* if capacity is exceeded.
  • You can enter as an individual in a group of up to 3 people. The organisers will endeavour to keep groups together in the same team, but this is not guaranteed.
  • The BOBI Challenge usually takes place in alternate years - next competition date: TBC

*Member organisation = corporate member, affiliate member or corporate certified non-member of the BHBIA. If a company has multiple BHBIA memberships - i.e. a corporate member and one or more affiliates, each will be counted as a separate organisation for the purposes of BOBI entry eligibility criteria.