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Company Profiles for 2022 Agency Fair Exhibitors

Please see below a list of companies that are exhibiting at the BHBIA Annual Conference 2022.

7i Group 

7i Group is a trusted scientific insights partner with a team of highly experienced researchers and specialists. We generate insights based on evidence and analysis from healthcare professionals, patients, payers, and other stakeholders. We do this through a range of services including primary and secondary market research, real-world evidence, and online & social media listening. We pride ourselves on our in-depth scientific and commercial knowledge of clients’ therapy areas as well as the NHS and its continually changing landscape. • We Innovate • We Inform • We Inspire • We bring Ingenuity • We deliver Insight • We Integrate the fragmented • All done with Integrity..

(Stand 14)

Basis Health

Basis Health is a global, purpose-led, insight agency, founded and run by senior insights professionals. We are informing strategies and tactics for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies and are committed to delivering actionable insights through sense-making and story-telling.
Our team has managed over 400 qualitative and quantitative health projects since June 2018, reaching global audiences across Europe, US, Asia, Latin America, and emerging African markets. We support our clients across the entire product lifecycle and have covered therapy areas including oncology, autoimmune, neurological conditions, cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory, women's health, vaccines as well as rare and infectious diseases, among others. 

(Stand 22)

BHBIA Ethics & Compliance

Meet members of the Ethics & Compliance Committee, including the Ethics & Compliance Advisor. Let us know what issues you are currently facing and ask us questions, we’re here to help. You will be able to see copies of our latest resources including the new Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Healthcare Data Analytics, which are expected to become mandatory for members conducting data analytics work. We’re also keen to hear what you think our priorities should be when planning how best to support members during 2022 and beyond.

(Stand 9)


Meet the BHBIA team of Officers who are here to support the Board in delivering our strategic objectives for the benefit of members. Hear about our plans for Connect Groups, our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion work and our exciting new Skills for Success initiative, ask us questions and make suggestions about our next steps. We’re also there to support the Agency Fair, so whether you are an exhibitor or are visiting the stands and want some guidance on what’s on offer, please come and chat to us.

(Stand 10)

Blueprint Partnership

Blueprint Partnership is a leading independent global pharmaceutical research agency who work with the biggest and respected global healthcare companies. We specialise in complex pre-launch decisions which require robust evidence and depth of insight to maximise impact and reach. Our desire is to continually evolve. We are leading from the front with our innovative Augmented approach fusing good quality classical research with validated AI technologies, delivering rich layers of efficiency and insight to each and every project.
Our team of dedicated professionals are passionate about what they do, enabling us to offer you a truly bespoke service to suit your requirements. 

(Stand 2)

Catalyst BI 

Catalyst BI challenges organisations to unlock insights, drive performance and create value by bringing people and data together. Our award-winning and innovative team has delivered successful solutions and services to over 450 customers, across a range of public and private sector organisations. Through our specialism and expertise, our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies across Data Management, Data Analytics and Data Science continues to help accelerate business value and deliver a world class partnership to our customers.

(Stand 24)

Cegedim Health Data

Cegedim Health Data is part of the Cegedim Group; an innovative Technology, Services and Real World Data Company that has specialised in providing services to the healthcare sector for more than 50 years. Our THIN (The Health Improvement Network) database is built on a data history of over 24 years and millions of anonymised electronic patient records providing near real-time observations. Working beyond the data to deliver cutting edge solutions that help our customers understand the drivers behind patient health. We are your trusted partner for Real World Data (RWD), Real World Evidence (RWE), Advanced Analytics and Health Data Services.

(Stand 1)


We advance patient care by generating robust real-world insights into health conditions and therapeutics. Our Specialty EMR Data Team can identify, access and analyse real-world data from a multitude of diverse sources to answer a range of research questions about disease epidemiology, burden, treatment, comparative effectiveness and cost. Vantage, our on-demand SaaS platform, provides quick and easy insights. Fully customisable, it provides a single solution for business insights, market access and sales.

(Stand 12) provides insights and consulting to inform health strategy, communications and policymaking among some of the world’s largest healthcare companies, government organisations and NGOs. This is made possible through CREATION Pinpoint®, the world’s only AI-powered global database of more than 3 million healthcare professionals’ social media profiles, analysing the collective intelligence of almost 2Bn social media posts by professionals on the front lines of healthcare.

(Stand 21) 


Dynata is the world’s largest first-party data platform for insights, activation and measurement. With a reach that encompasses over 67 million consumers and business professionals globally, and an extensive library of individual profile attributes collected through surveys, Dynata is the cornerstone for precise, trustworthy quality data. The company has built innovative data services and solutions around its robust first-party data offering– from insights to activation, measurement, and optimization. Dynata serves more than 6,000 market research, media and advertising agencies, publishers, consulting and investment firms and corporate customers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. 

(Stand 7)

Fine Research

Fine Research is a data collection agency in Latin America. Owning the largest medical online panel in the region with over 100,000 active participants, it runs hundreds of surveys annually with HCPs for the largest market research specialized agencies, supported by its own local teams and offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.
Its qualitative offer ranges from traditional face to face methodologies to modern online approaches, having access not only to a wide range of HCPs, but also hard to reach patients, payers, C-levels, and key decision makers. 

(Stand 16)

Human Data Sciences

Human Data Sciences are experts in the analysis of healthcare data. We enable you to analyse complex, multi-faceted patient data, producing reports and insights at speed. The Human Data Sciences team understands the opportunities offered by real-world evidence - and also its nuances and limitations. LivingstoneIQ is an online advanced SAAS analytical platform that automatically analyses electronic medical record data to produce scientifically robust replicable outputs. Insights that would typically take a multi-disciplinary research team months to produce can be delivered in minutes. Other services include study feasibility assessments, health economic evaluations, outcomes & comparative-effectiveness studies and post-authorisation safety studies.

(Stand 23)


InCrowd Europe is the European division of InCrowd, the pioneer of real-time automated insights for the life science industry. InCrowd Europe delivers InCrowd’s speed, control over data capture, and direct access to physicians and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) worldwide through its global panel of 2M HCPs. Leveraging the methodological distinction of InCrowd’s Dynamic Learning Platform, InCrowd Europe also optimizes aspects of the global market research process that can be protracted. InCrowd Europe applies the proven capabilities of InCrowd to benefit international brands seeking quick answers to timely questions. InCrowd is an Apollo Intelligence company.

(Stand 18)

Kantar Profiles

Kantar Profiles is part of Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consultancy company. We are home to the world’s largest audience network. We offer comprehensive access to health audiences, including 150 million patient network, 2 million HCPs and physicians in 44 therapeutic areas across 56 countries for integrated quant and qual solutions. We hold the revised standard ISO 20252 globally for Healthcare Market Research and Panel Management. A promise that we use the latest industry standards on IT Security and Data Protection for high-quality research.

(Stand 6)

Liberating Research

Liberating Research is a health research community for patients, consumers and practitioners in Europe, the US and Canada. Specialists in healthcare fieldwork, our custom platform allows our community to take part in online, phone or in-person market research, so they can get paid, raise money for charity and help research all at the same time.

Started by a MS patient, we're experts in hard to reach patients and unusual methodologies. We conduct research in over 200 conditions, including global quant studies, online communities, ethics approved studies, face-to-face research, qualitative research with metastatic cancer and rare disease patients plus many more.

(Stand 15)

Markelytics Solutions

With 19 years in business and operational reach in 80+ countries, Markelytics Solutions is a leading Market Research agency providing end-to-end research solutions. Established in 2003, the company has diversified into offering a multitude of offerings, including research services, solutions, panels, and new-age products. Markelytics also has specialty panels that include a proprietary Healthcare Panel set up with extensive reach in North America and Europe, along with Consumer Panel, B2B Panel, HNIs & custom Panel. The company has niche expertise in healthcare research and serves multiple clients across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, America & Europe. 

(Stand 3)


Medefield is a leading global supplier of online physician data collection that has successfully delivered projects for 20+ years. Medefield offers full-service or recruitment-only data collection, delivering in line with the highest industry standards, including ISO 27001, GDPR and CCPA. Medefield harnesses unique group assets to deliver success for its clients. 1. LIMA, the world’s largest and most current physician directory, ensuring that only real and relevant physicians are recruited. 2. Access to industry leading medical news and education programs, allowing Medefield to go beyond email/SMS to reach target physicians.
Making Medefield the best at recruiting the physicians that matter.

(Stand 13)

Mission Translate

Mission Translate specialises in delivering high-quality language and research support for medical market research agencies. We understand the impact of our work and take this responsibility seriously. We only work with native, in-country linguists and research specialists with proven industry experience to ensure the utmost accuracy in our outputs. With this medical expertise, we also provide technical translation services directly for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Taking a client-oriented approach, we adapt our services to meet your precise requirements, ensuring quick turnarounds and clear communication for a first-rate project management experience.

(Stand 20)

OPEN Health

We are united as one flexible organization, harnessing the power of the collective to solve complex challenges. Being built from cohesive partnerships across a range of specialist sectors gives us the ability to approach opportunities from fresh perspectives, creating solutions and innovations for market access and medical communications that are informed by the experience and knowledge of the many.
Our global team of experts work strategically alongside our client partners in Medical Affairs, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), Market Access, and Commercial teams across a wide range of therapy areas.
OPEN Health – Established as many. United as one 

(Stand 8)

Origins Insights

Origins Insights is a health experience research company, driven by curiosity, who set out to unearth people’s everyday experiences, regarding their health and associated treatments. Working in partnership with international healthcare companies, Origins provide patient-centred intelligence that redefines success. To achieve our clients research goals, our expert team deploy a variety of personalised, bespoke solutions, including our award-winning video ethnographic approach, ensuring a true understanding of the authentic patient experience.

(Stand 19)

Purdie Pascoe

Purdie Pascoe is a team of experienced healthcare researchers and smart young analysts with a passion for delivering high quality market research. We combine our experience in medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals with a full range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, including the latest digital approaches. Offering the capabilities of the larger agencies, we deliver the senior involvement and expertise of a boutique agency. We are based in the UK, and conduct both domestic and international research. We have the flexibility to tackle all projects, big and small.   

(Stand 4)


Sermo is the largest global healthcare research powerhouse and the most trusted physician social platform, engaging with more than 1.3 million HCPs across 150 countries. For over 20 years, Sermo has been turning physician experience, expertise, and observations into actionable business insights that benefit pharmaceutical companies, healthcare partners and the medical community at large.

(Stand 5)