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Brand Health - Measurement for a New Age of Multichannel Marketing

Friday 26 January 2018, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Five things we should all be doing in our new multichannel world

In a multichannel world, we need new multichannel measures. But our actual portfolio of research studies continues to track physician recall of sales rep visits and brand attitudes that are mostly unchanged from a decade ago.  Patient studies focus on traditional TV and mass media marketing, while digital communications are on the rise. While our studies stagnate, ROI of most sales forces and most mass advertising falls.  

This webinar will explore and discuss five ways that insights functions are adjusting measurements to respond to the new multichannel world. We will be drawing on examples from consumer marketing and explaining how the principles apply to healthcare - including prescription only medicines.

Data audit
They are measuring what drives behavior by understanding what people actually do and what really influences them across all touchpoints.  Actively driving long-term equity and short-term sales.

Digital content
They are avoiding the pervasive pitfall of releasing digital content that tarnishes the brand, by rapidly testing digital ad content before it reaches the patient.

Multichannel marketing
They are integrating multichannel marketing and brand relationships into tracking, future-proofing their brands by learning which touchpoints create memorable experiences that strengthen brand relationships.

Really become consumer centric
Asking and listening to what is really important to the consumer, using new techniques to get to implicit associations – while also making it easy for consumers!

Predicting the future
With access to richer consumer data and new tools such as voice analytics and machine learning, it's now possible to build models that enable us to more accurately predict what will happen in the future.

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