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Brand Health - Speakers

Tom Hartley, Ph.D., SVP, GfK Health

Tom is Senior Vice President at GfK, and leads the Brand and Customer Experience team in North America.  He has worked in brand and customer experience for the past 25 years in pharma and other industries. 

Tom has served pharmaceutical brands and brand portfolios on projects including customer experience and multi-channel brand communications, brand performance tracking and message recall. He speaks about customer experience, including professional / healthcare, at professional associations in the US and Europe.

Tom focuses on brand health and the measurement and improvement of customer engagement to drive increases in revenue and share. He has led global recommendation, customer engagement and customer experience trackers covering 30 countries and including professionals and consumers in health and retail. Tom has over 20 years of research and consulting experience in consumer and B2B markets, including pharmaceuticals and biotech. Before joining GfK, Tom was the senior consultant in The Gallup Organization’s New York City office, where he led large scale tracking programs for pharmaceuticals and luxury retail. Tom was trained at Yale University and M.I.T.

Debbie Cunningham, Senior Director, GfK

Debbie has over 15 years of experience in branding and communications research – working across a broad mix of sectors including retail, FMCG, technology and finance for global brands including IKEA, SCA, Unilever and Vodafone.

Her experience includes brand strategy as well as tracking, communications tracking as well as pre-testing and early stage creative development.

Debbie also has a special interest in the refinement and roll out of System 1 research techniques for brand and comms using voice, video and free association text.