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BHBIA Deepen your understanding of online influence to enhance your HCP engagement programme

via Zoom
Friday 11 November 2022, 12.30-1.30pm

Programme Overview

Physical access to HCPs has never been harder but identifying Key Online Influencers (KOIs) and understanding their influence can help pharma companies to continue to engage with HCPs.

You might still think about influence in terms of followers or engagement rates, rather than the role of a person in a debate or how central they might be in a network but in this session, you will learn how network analysis, used widely in the last decade in the political sphere, can significantly enhance your understanding and engagement with KOIs. 

Further details will be confirmed closer to the event


The session will be run for us by Convosphere.

  • Jackie Cuyvers, CEO, has over 18 years of experience in social intelligence in the healthcare sector and has led several successful training events for the BHBIA. 
  • Gareth Ham, Strategy Director, will co-present this training session. Gareth has been involved in social intelligence for over 10 years delivering wide-ranging research projects to some of the world’s largest and highest-profile companies, political parties and governments.

We are very grateful to the team for sharing their time and expertise for the benefit of BHBIA members.

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