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BHBIA Navigating Ethics and Compliance in Modern Data Analytics

via Zoom
Friday 28 January 2022, 12.30-1.30pm

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Programme Overview

The BHBIA’s Ethics & Compliance Committee will be holding an ethics & compliance focussed webinar for all those engaged or interested in data analytics.

We’ll bring you up to date on the latest compliance news impacting healthcare data analytics work and provide you with our thoughts on their practical implications, to include:

  • The changing face of data analytics and the ethics and compliance implications
  • Building and using databases in a compliant way
  • Making sure analytics work incorporating machine learning and AI is compliant
  • What the regulators have in store for healthcare data analysts

This webinar won’t just explain the principles clearly for you, we’ll be providing lots of practical examples, and advice upon building in internal quality control and approval mechanisms.

It's suitable for all those involved in analytics work, whether on the company or the agency side, whether working upstream or downstream; those for instance, in CRM or SFE roles, BI analysts or DB developers and managers.

Closer to the event we will share more details of the specific topics to be covered.


The webinar will be run for us by experienced members of the BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee - we are very grateful to the team for giving their time and expertise for the benefit of BHBIA members.

  • Catherine Ayland - BHBIA Ethics Advisor
  • Darren Kottler - Business Insights Manager, Chugai Pharma UK
  • Jessica Santos - Global Compliance and Quality Director, DPO, Cerner Enviza
  • Oliver Watherston - Leader Customer Engagement Analytics and Value, Novartis
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