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Innovations in Digital and Social Market Research

Friday 09 February 2018, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

With more and more people beginning and completing their customer journey online, today’s brand and consumer landscape is almost unrecognisable to that of 10 years ago, and remains in a constant state of flux.

Digital/social media has progressed the relationships between brands and HCCs; there is now an opportunity to understand the attitudes and motivations of a consumer base in real time and to build up psychographic information for a vast range of different people.

This webinar will explore the ways social media can be used to develop persona profiles which allow brands to better connect with and understand a healthcare consumer: moving away from traditional, staged market research as a way of identifying audiences and instead towards analysis around real-time digital behaviours, interests, influencers and unique preferences.

This webinar will be run for us by Four Engage.

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