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Mapping the Patient’s Emotional Journey using Social Listening

Friday 09 October 2020, 12.30

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Learn how social listening can be used to map the patient’s emotional journey and how this can provide researchers with a deeper understanding of the emotional impact of the disease and treatment. Gaining a richer picture of the patient experience improves our understanding of drivers and barriers to adoption, adherence and switch behaviour.

  • Analysing a patient's emotions across disease journey stages provides us with an understanding of how the predominant emotions are evolving along with the disease stages, and at what stage the emotional challenges are the highest vs. the stage at which patients are more hopeful or ready to accept the condition. 
  • Emotional journey analysis gives us an opportunity to understand the potential factors that could lead to a better quality of life for patients.

Once the emotional journey is mapped it can be utilised to help develop patient personas. These are rich profiles that can bring to life patient segments to help brands visualise their target audience, and accordingly develop and tailor their activation strategies.  

  • The patient personas provide a complete clinical, behavioural, demographic, social and psychological view of the audience and the struggles that they face and their journey and preferences with treatment and other management techniques. 
  • Apart from clinical attributes we are also able to capture more subtle preferences, unmet needs and behavioural characteristics that the patients/caregivers have, i.e. facing social sigma, stressed work-life, depressed and sad due to isolation.

Jackie is Co-Founder and CEO of Convosphere, a London based firm which provides businesses and their agency partners real and actionable social Insights on their target audiences and markets from across the world using in-country analysts who understand the language, culture and business sector. Convosphere works with many agencies in pharma to harness the value of social media insight within healthcare research.

She has a background in Digital Marketing and Social Media Intelligence which spans over 15 years and 2 continents. She has an MBA in International Marketing and worked at Marketing Agencies and Management Consultancies before founding Convosphere.

Jackie advises businesses on how to create better customer and partner relationships by using social intelligence. Jackie has advised businesses of all sizes on how to apply social thinking to delivering improved and more effective relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, become more customer-centric, and help the organization make data-driven decisions with local and global insights.

We are very grateful to Jackie and Convosphere for giving their time and expertise for the benefit of BHBIA members.

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