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Physician and Patient Qualitative Research Techniques

Via WebEx
Friday 06 September 2019, 12.30

'Methods and Madness' - In this digital big data age, learn how Qual techniques can be our secret weapon.

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This webinar will deliver an overview of best practice in qualitative techniques when running focus groups and interviews with Patients and Physicians. 

We’ll discuss innovative tools: cognitive, semiotics, archetypes, emotional – and other tried and tested methods. 

The regular focus group or IDI are good for collecting information, but the ever-increasing demands on research to deliver deeper insights and reveals, require more sophisticated approaches. 

Add this to the low participant engagement, shorter attention spans, boredom or switch off; there’s a growing need to break through to the truth and reveal new insights. 

We will look at how to go beyond the basic In-depth interview and focus group, in a healthcare arena. This will include a look at new developments in:

  • Research Design 
  • Platforms 
  • Primary Methods 
  • Approaches 
  • Techniques 
  • Tools 

We will also explore some case studies where new approaches have been applied.

During the webinar we'll refer to points to look out for when considering adverse event reporting, regulatory constraints and data protection requirements and will have a member of the BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee on hand to answer any questions on these issues.

There will be an opportunity to express interest in the possibility of a full-day follow-up workshop.


Jonny is an International Consultant with a 40-year background in research and marketing.

Currently focusing on Diagnostic Primary Market Research and having worked in areas such as Oncology (cancer), Cardiology, General Medicines, Patient and Physician trackers and digital health. Originally from retail, pharmacy and client-side with Novartis Consumer Health and Abbott Pharmaceuticals in roles such as Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing and Research Director. Jonny has lived and worked in and across Asia (South Korea, Philippines, Australia), the Middle East (UAE, Saudi) and Europe (Switzerland, France), managing worldwide global projects, including the South and North Americas. Jonny also has experience across his long career in FMCG, Food, Technology, Online and Digital.

Cornish Londoner, married, with a four-year-old, living South of London, Member of MRS (AdvCrt) and studied Social Sciences at Kingston/Westminster.  An old dad, looking forward to being 60 years young!

Jonny will be joined by one or more members of the Ethics & Compliance Committee who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the compliance aspects of conducting qualitative research - see Committee members

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