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GDPR Updates

Helping members prepare for the GDPR

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the new legal framework in the EU that replaces the current EU Data Protection Directive. There are many similarities to the UK Data Protection Act 1998, but it also includes new requirements that you need to be aware of.

GDPR came into force on 24th May 2016, and takes effect on 28th May 2018 (regardless of Brexit negotiations), meaning that organisations need to be preparing for compliance now.

It applies to anyone who is collecting, storing and processing the personal data of EU residents i.e. data controllers and data processors, who will be required to demonstrate that they process personal data in compliance with the GDPR. 

The first step in preparing for the GDPR is to make sure that you understand what personal data you process.  The BHBIA’s Ethics & Compliance Committee recommend that you audit - review and take stock of - the personal data you handle. This important step will help you to identify what you have to do to prepare for introduction of the GDPR. Then, as a next step, we recommend that you assess the risks inherent in your data processing. We also explain how to determine whether you need a Data Protection Officer and if so how to appoint one.

Remember, the GDPR is going to make a difference to how all those involved in market research and data analytics handle personal data.  With its introduction only one year away, now is the time for action!

Click on the links below to download our ready reference guides to help you prepare:

Further Guides will be added over the coming months.

BHBIA members only:

The BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee ran a half-day update meeting on 7th September 2017, with the theme:

"Building the GDPR into every stage of your project - Privacy by Design and Default". All full BHBIA members can now view the slides and Q&A from this meeting

Keeping you informed about changes in the UK legal and ethical environment

Keeping you informed about changes in the UK legal and ethical environment

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