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Call for Board Nominations - Deadline 31st January 2021

December 3rd, 2020

In accordance with the BHBIA Articles of Association section 8.19, I am writing to inform you that the terms of office of four Board Members (three industry division and one Agencies & Consultancies Division) will end at the Annual General Meeting in May 2021. 

Dan Coffin, Nick Coolican Smith and Jenny Dawson have notified the Board that they wish to be eligible for re-nomination and re-election and as a co-opted Board member Giles Somers has notified the Board that he wishes to be eligible for nomination and election. 

In accordance with the BHBIA Constitution section 8.3, the Board are seeking nominations for the three Industry Division and one Agencies & Consultancies Division Board Member places. Nominees must be proposed by a member of the BHBIA and seconded by a member from a different member company. Nominations must be received by BHBIA (at the address below) by 31st January 2021. If there are more nominees than places available, a ballot will be held in February 2021. Newly elected or returning Board Members will take up their position on the Board after the Annual General Meeting in May 2021 and their term will last for two years.

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