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Covid-19 Coronavirus - Advice for Members

April 16th, 2020

Updated 16 April 2020

This bulletin gives you our latest advice on navigating the current public health crisis, with a focus on being sensitive to the pressures on healthcare professionals at this time.

BHBIA guidance specific to MR with healthcare professionals (updated 16 April): 

Given the healthcare-specific remit of the BHBIA, we want to offer members guidance and support when planning and carrying out market research (MR) during these difficult times, in particular in relation to healthcare professionals (HCPs). 

We have further clarified the BHBIA’s guidance to reflect the latest evidence on feasibility of conducting market research during these difficult times. Our guidance remains focused on the need to give careful consideration to any communications with HCPs and be sensitive to the challenges they are facing.

Frontline healthcare professionals

Given the unprecedented strain on some healthcare professionals at present, members are asked to avoid contact with frontline HCPs for market research purposes, during the health emergency.  By ‘frontline’ we mean HCPs such as intensive care or respiratory specialists, i.e. those under significant additional work pressure. 

Other healthcare professionals

There are many healthcare professionals that are able and willing to participate in MR.  However any work should be approached carefully.

Patients and non-HCPs

With regard to non-HCPs, it would obviously be wise to consider any potential sensitivities/individual circumstances and take a carefully considered approach.

Market research carries on

MR fieldwork can continue in these difficult times, however all partners in the MR chain must take an ethical and sensitive approach.  We must adapt, be flexible and keep in close touch with what’s happening ‘on the ground’.

  • We strongly recommend that you review the BHBIA’s summary of recently presented data and experiences and the lessons that can be drawn from these in terms of practical applications: Carrying out healthcare MR in the UK during difficult times.
  • You may also find various MRS resources helpful - these include extensive Guidance on resuming face to face research, which may be useful to researchers as they start to consider the possibility of a return to face-to-face activity in the future, but obviously there are additional considerations in the healthcare setting.