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BHBIA Fieldwork Forum issues new guidance on streamlining the consent process

October 12th, 2021

The Fieldwork Forum is the BHBIA’s special interest group which focuses on this important component of market research projects. 

 As part of their remit members of the Fieldwork Forum work on a range of initiatives, the purpose of which are to bring improvements to the market research process. One of the initiatives the Forum has been working on covers the streamlining of the capture of consents, from respondents, for their participation in market research. 

The group has looked specifically at the ‘traditional’ approach of the use of hard copy paper forms which require printing, signing and scanning with a view to moving on to using digital means that are more efficient, user-friendly and more secure. In compiling consent guidance it was important to consider not only the practical aspects of collection but also the legal and ethical requirements associated with this process. 

In order to ensure that all areas were covered in the guidance the Forum’s Consent Guidance Working Party worked closely with the BHBIA Ethics and Compliance Committee to ensure all considerations were included in the process outlined in the document. The new consent guidance 

Streamlining and Digitising the Market Research Consent Process 

 is now available to view and download from the Data Privacy section of the BHBIA website.