The Best Newcomer event is formally recognised by the MRS CPD Programme 

The MRS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme offers MRS members a framework to take control of their professional development planning; enabling them to plan their future career needs, to maximise the benefit of their MRS membership with the opportunity to gain recognition for their career progression by upgrading MRS Certified Member Status.  See more details of the programme

Details of the MRS CPD accreditation for this event: 

Hours: 4

Membership Benchmark Standard 

  • STANDARD 1: Ethical & legal considerations governing the conduct of MRS members 
  • STANDARD 2: Research within its broad political/economic/social/ technological context 
  • STANDARD 3: The role of research in decision making within an organisation 
  • STANDARD 5: Project management (including planning and the use of resources) 
  • STANDARD 7: Awareness and evaluation of research methodologies 
  • STANDARD 8: Conducting all or part of a research project 
  • STANDARD 9: A nominated specialist area in research 
  • STANDARD 10: Quality assurance in research 
  • STANDARD 11: Commitment to your own personal and professional development 

MRS Professional Development Framework 

  • Plan, design and manage research 
  • Provide strategic marketing intelligence and customer insight 
  • Lead cutting-edge thinking and innovative techniques