Demonstrate your commitment to business intelligence excellence and best practice

The support of sponsors allows us to organise, run and publicise the BOBI awards, and to provide trophies to the winners. All sponsors benefit from publicity over an extended period, before, during and after the Awards Ceremony, and those sponsoring an award have the opportunity to present it at the live event, which takes place in May each year, as part of the BHBIA Annual Conference. The official deadline to apply for 2022 sponsorship was 13th Sept 2021, but you can still apply for any remaining opportunities and these will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Click on ‘Become a sponsor’ to what’s still available.


Allocation of sponsorship opportunities:

Applicants are drawn at random from 2 pools:

  1. POOL 1

    Top priority is given to any organisation applying for the special 3-year option that's available on selected awards.

  2. POOL 2

    1-year award sponsors are then selected, with any Pharmaceutical Company applications given priority - to encourage greater involvement from these organisations.

You can nominate one or more awards that you would like to sponsor and rank them in your preferred order. You will be allocated the highest-ranked award still available from your choices when your name is drawn.

The more awards you are willing to sponsor, the better chance you have of being involved in this year's BOBIs, so think broadly when you make your choices. Most sponsors are successful in getting their first or second choice award.

We welcome joint applications – e.g. from a client/agency partnership who would like to share the costs and benefits of sponsoring.

The BOBI Awards Ceremony is held in May each year, at the BHBIA Annual Conference.