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Sponsored Session Profiles for 2021

Please see below companies that are running sponsored sessions at the BHBIA Annual Conference 2021.

Origins Health Insights

Origins Insights believes that a key step towards achieving health equity is to ensure we give everyone an equal opportunity to understand and effectively engage in conversations and decisions about their health. This involves understanding and improving the language used to communicate and identifying the true patient population. The true patient population is one that is most representative of those experiencing a condition, and not the population that happens to be easiest to access.

Our goal is to identify and embed transformational patient insights as a fundamental part of the drug development process. As a pioneering health insights agency, our purpose is to provide actionable, patient-focused intelligence that gives our clients the competitive edge. 

We use inclusive, immersive research methodologies that reveal the authentic patient experience. Our flagship digital ethnography programmes have given a voice to hundreds of patients worldwide, informing clinical trial protocols and development programmes as well as patient support programmes and educational initiatives. 

The Origins team is a dedicated, passionate group of people whose varied backgrounds give our programmes the individuality and personal touches they deserve.


A one-stop-shop for HCP data-collection services. 

For over 15 years, SurveyHealthcareGlobus (SHG), formerly SurveyHealthcare (SHC), has been a leader in healthcare market research, specializing in online survey data collection services that include quantitative and qualitative healthcare research, panel recruitment, programming and fieldwork management. We work directly with market research agencies and consultancies, to support pharmaceutical and medical device companies in making decisions that affect health outcomes. We do this by providing access to our global panel of 2M+ HCPs including physicians, allied healthcare professionals, payors, patients, caregivers, and key opinion leaders (KOLs) from the US, Canada, and Europe. All of our HCP survey respondents are profiled and verified in order to provide you with the most qualified healthcare perspective. Leveraging customized solutions via our proprietary technology suite, we work collaboratively with our clients to address their unique, individual needs and achieve their data research goals. With a knowledgeable team of industry experts across our global locations, we pride ourselves on providing 24-hour, top-notch client coverage, to deliver perfect data on time and within budget. 

In 2019, SurveyHealthcareGlobus acquired OMR Globus, the largest independent panel of physicians and allied healthcare professionals across Europe and North America.