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BHBIA Innovations in Market Research - September 2023

via Zoom
Friday 22 September 2023, 12.30-1.30pm

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There's always a lot of buzz about new approaches, but do they really deliver?

When new technologies and approaches emerge, lots of people look to ‘sell’ it. But how do you know whether you have the ‘genuine article’ versus ‘snake oil’. Join this session for the latest assessment and tales from the trenches about hot topic innovations in market research including AI, neuroscience, social media, voice tech and chatbots, and virtual reality including the metaverse.  Learn from these experiences and take away greater clarity on what value new approaches bring and how to tell legitimate benefits from snake oil.  

The session aims to provide real life use experience and will present results from pilot studies where these technologies have been included, and consider whether they actually deliver deeper insight and, critically, value for money. 

Who is it for?

It's likely to be particularly useful for those evaluating these technologies, or looking to maximise their existing impact in Market Research projects, working in commissioning client roles or agencies.

Connect with your hosts and peer network

As with all BHBIA webinars, a short Q&A session is included where you can post your questions to the hosts for their perspective. You can also interact with your peers live with the chat function - a great way to connect with likeminded individuals around the subject matter.

This webinar will be run for us by HRWWe are very grateful to the team for providing their time and expertise for the benefit of BHBIA members. Find out more about the hosts, Katy Irving and Rory Mitchell below:

Katy Irving works on the Innovation team at Healthcare Research Worldwide (HRW), using her background in behavioural science and digital technology to assess the potential of new offerings before running self-funded studies to test them in the real world. She’s enjoyed participating in first-of-its-kind pilots of new approaches ranging from google glass, to smartwatches, to adherence trackers, to the metaverse. She’s a regular speaker at industry events about the results of these pilots, known for her no-nonsense critical assessments of innovations and the potential value they bring (or not) for the healthcare market research industry. 

Rory Mitchell works as part of the Innovation Team at Healthcare Research Worldwide (HRW). He keeps a pulse on emerging technologies, especially in artificial intelligence, to identify new ways of enriching insights and understanding patients and healthcare professionals.

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