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Innovation Hub Exhibitors 2024

Please see below a list of companies that are exhibiting at the BHBIA Annual Conference 2024.


Visit stand 19 and demo the CorEvitas Vantage® RWD business intelligence tool. It provides on-demand access to real-world data, flexible cross-sectional analysis, powerful visualisations and longitudinal tracking. 

**New to 2024 is easy-to-access Primary Care Activity Data…now that’s innovative!** 

The Primary Care Activity Data includes patient demographics, symptoms, diagnoses, treatment and prescriptions, tests, measurements, and referrals. It is the fastest growing GP-provided dataset, with 15.6m patients added since 2019. 

Also available in Vantage, are other datasets across secondary care, devolved nations, prescribing and medicines use. In a single tool you can access 100s of data points, providing fast, on-demand insights.    

(stand 19)


Dynata helps companies harness the power of first-party data to make informed, intelligent decisions. With a global reach and an unrivaled approach to quality, we are the most trusted source for reliable, accurate data. We serve more than 6,000 market research, media and advertising agencies, publishers, consulting and investment firms, and corporate customers in North America, South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

(Stand 5)


Exafield, your trusted healthcare fieldwork partner with over 15 years of dedicated industry experience, brings extensive expertise across all therapeutic areas—from chronic to rare diseases—and all types of specialists, payers, and KOLs. We also feature an exclusive department focused on patients and caregivers. 

Operating from established offices in the EU5, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, Canada, and the US, Exafield offers more than research support. We craft tailor-made solutions, guided by expertise and values, to propel your growth and seamlessly achieve your goals.

(stand 11)

Fine Research

Fine is the leading specialist in data collection in Latin America and Spain, offering own panel and qual support for your global projects. Our company counts with own staff on site in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile, as well as quoting support in the US and EU. As part of our corporate social responsibility program, Fine recently released a ground breaking report on the impact of AI on healthcare practice in Latin America and Spain. This initiative has sparked meaningful discussions and knowledge-sharing not only within the medical and insights communities but also among the general public. By fostering dialogue and promoting understanding, Fine continues to make significant contributions to the advancement of healthcare innovation.

(Stand 9)

Holden Healthcare

We are a locally grounded, international company in the APAC Region. We provide local insights in carrying out internationally recognized methodologies and practices for clients all over the globe for research in the Asian (China, Japan, Korea Australia etc.) Markets. 

We support our clients’ success by providing Qualitative and Quantitative research services and support. Our proprietary Panels of Physicians, Patients, & Consumers provides you candid feedback from study targets with clear implications for your business needs. We also develop and apply innovative research technologies/practices in order to provide quality results efficiently. 

(Stand 18)

Prescient Healthcare Group

Insights from different sources, generated in different ways, can be misaligned and potentially contradictory, resulting in an unclear view of the future and a lack of confidence in what actions to take next, and how to realise future opportunities. 

At Prescient we blend industry leading competitor intelligence and award-winning primary market research and secondary data analysis to bring together customer, competitor and market perspectives. 

Our integrated insights approach enables you to go deeper, see further, and make bold, confident decisions leading to future success; it’s our name, it’s in our DNA, and its who we are. 

(Stand 10)

Rare Patient Voice, LLC

Rare Patient Voice, LLC was founded by market research executive Wes Michael in 2013, based on a simple but unique idea: providing patients and family caregivers an opportunity to share their opinions and insights by participating in all types of research. This includes market research, health economics outcomes and real-world evidence, user experience/human factors studies, and clinical trials. RPV now features a panel of over 145,000 patients and caregivers across more than 1,500 diseases, both rare and non-rare, in nine countries: the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia.

(Stand 20)

SkyBlue Healthcare Associates Ltd

SkyBlue Healthcare elevates pharmaceutical teams’ impact by blending innovation with integration, optimising client investments in insights. 

As an outcomes-led solutions provider, we believe it is only by robustly combining insights with innovative planning and execution that measurable improvements in healthcare outcomes can be achieved. 

Examples of our latest innovation-led projects include the optimisation of AI enabled market research techniques, SFE related L&D outreach strategies, and enhancement of the human impact from insights related recommendations. 

Our focused solutions cleverly combine project management with expert business insights resources and processes, relentlessly configured to meet demanding client requirements in the integrated insights domain.

(Stand 6)


Verpora are Innovative Contracting specialists for the life sciences industry, delivering pioneering products and services underpinned by advanced research and analytical methodologies. Our expertise combines intelligence, insight, and practical application to drive strategic decision-making in value-based pricing and market access. With a robust focus on integrating payer behaviour and data science, we equip our clients with the tools and bespoke processes necessary for implementing Innovative Contracting and navigating complex market landscapes effectively. Verpora’s innovative strategies have successfully deployed numerous value-based agreements globally, establishing new benchmarks in healthcare innovation.

(Stand 17)