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Embedding Patient Centricity to build engagement and drive change

Via WebEx
Friday 04 October 2019, 12.30


This webinar will give an overview of proven processes, guidelines and case-studies for how to create and apply patient centric research that will truly engage stakeholders from start to finish. Speakers from several different organisations will share their perspectives on how to achieve excellent results through a comprehensive appreciation of the patient journey and a holistic approach to research design, bringing to life how patient centricity can be embedded in organisations to drive change.

Topics will include:

Trends in research with patients / Engaging patients to participate in MR

Compliance in patient research

Choosing the right stakeholders

Considering the approach in patient research

Patient engagement and driving change

  • Neil Rees - Head of Research, OPEN Health, Patient & Brand Communications
  • Tom Pugh - Senior Vice President, M3 Global Research
  • Laura Haxton - Head of EU Qualitative Research, M3 Global Research
  • Rick Harris - Founder, Customer Faithful 

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