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Going global via mobile - an introduction to conducting successful qualitative smartphone research studies

via Zoom
Friday 30 April 2021, 12.30 - 1.30pm

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This webinar will help you to grow your confidence in running in-depth video based mobile qualitative studies.

  • Understand the best application of video based mobile qualitative (for engaging both HCPs and patients)
  • Learn the key steps for running video based mobile qual studies across markets, including what to consider setting up your project and what your end output will deliver
  • Develop processes for best leveraging your local recruiters and technology partners

The webinar will deliver a short overview of the evolving role of mobile qual in the researcher’s repertoire and will outline a step-by-step guide to running your own mobile video qualitative studies.

It will include practical tips on best practice, both in the lead up to a project and during, outlining the benefits of engaging research partners on the ground as well as technology partners who are often an underused point of guidance when it comes to the final successful delivery of studies.

This webinar will be run for us by PEEK. We are very grateful to the team for sharing their time and expertise for the benefit of BHBIA members.


Dave has been at the forefront of smartphone research since its inception circa 10 years ago. He is founder of Peek and comes from a qualitative research background spanning 18 years, having historically led both the ethnography team and the digital team at Flamingo Research, before developing his own mobile platform for best-in-class smartphone video capture and founding Peek.

At Peek, Dave and his team specialize in empowering people to self-record high quality, insight driven content to increase the impact of real-life video output.

Dave is also the winner of the Keith Munro award for best paper at the 2013 BHBIA awards, for his work bringing to life the challenges of living with adult ADHD via smartphone video footage. 

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