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Annual Conference - bhbia2019

De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windor, Berkshire

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


bhbia2019 will be held on the 13-14th May 2019, at the De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, Berkshire, attracting around 280 delegates from across the spectrum of healthcare business intelligence (market research, business information, commercial analytics, sales force effectiveness) and allied fields. The BHBIA Annual Conference is a members' only event - open to BHBIA Corporate, Affiliate and Personal members only.

Call for Content Deadline: 25th September 2018

Excellence with integrity, that is what we as a collective at the BHBIA aspire to deliver. We believe in ensuring that the right patient can receive the right medicine at the right time in their health journey. We are a valuable partner in achieving this goal through the development and dissemination of actionable insight within the UK pharmaceutical industry.

The business intelligence community, our members, you, drive and
demonstrate innovation in what you do each and every day. This is advancing the sphere of insight generation to the benefit of the UK healthcare environment. Business insight is created through answering a business critical question that can often involve the need for the use of both primary and secondary market research techniques to be strategically deployed in a creative way and often in a challenging environment. One thing that is guaranteed is that nothing ever stays the same, we continue to evolve to meet and exceed stakeholder and responder needs, we often innovate without realising it.

At bhbia2019, we want to celebrate your innovations and best practice. We want you to do what you do best and highlight your recent innovations that will continue to take the business intelligence community forward in the coming years.

We want to hear about secondary market research, the evolution of analytical approaches, advancements in tools that bring insight to life for our end users. Customer relationship management continues to be a widely debated topic as our customers habits are changing from the traditional print journals and representative visits to a more digitally focussed footprint, where is the best practice in this space?

How do we continue to innovate and ensure the role of primary market research is valued and used appropriately? We know recruitment is becoming harder, a continued move towards specialist prescribing and increasing payer led decision making, all make the environment that much more challenging. We have an obligation to ensure that the patient and clinician view continues to be heard in this increasingly noisy environment. You are innovating in this space each and every day, what are your thoughts?

What is clear is that it is very difficult to navigate the environment and achieve success in isolation. We know that you enjoy hearing about successful partnerships between companies, agencies, stakeholders and patient groups. We would like to continue to encourage this, but don’t let this restrict your thinking.

bhbia2019 is created for you to ensure that we as a business intelligence community succeed. Don’t miss the opportunity to put your views forward and be creative in format, this could be an up-front oral presentation, a workshop to discuss your topic, idea, challenge with peers or a training session that sets us up as a community to be successful into the coming years or it could be something completely different – let us know your ideas. The only limitation is us!

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