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Latest Developments in Applied Behavioural Science - course review

February 10th, 2023

Behavioural Science: everyone's talking about it but how does it really apply? 

This virtual workshop, held on 2nd February, aimed to support delegates in further understanding and applying behavioural science to research.

Led by Katy Irving, HRW and Elina Halonen, Square Peg Insight, the course explored a range of behavioural science approaches that can be applied to both research and strategy needs. 

The workshop provided delegates with an engaging walk through the theory and application of the COM-B model (capability, opportunity, and motivation all need to be present for behaviour change to occur).

Additional behaviour change models including B=MAP, theory of planned behaviour, transtheoretical model, MINDSPACE and EAST were also covered in depth.

Delegate feedback

The course also had some fantastic discussion and engagement, with delegates sharing resources and perspective on how to use behavioural science in research execution and analysis.  

Feedback from the delegates after the event included:

"Loved the quick fire work-through of different frameworks and what made each of them useful. The visual infographics of COM-B and discussion around them were excellent." (one example of these visuals is shown here)

"I really enjoyed the final session where we talked about applications for market research"

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