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Winners of the Best Conference Paper and Best Syndicate Session Awards

Each year the BHBIA presents two awards to recognise excellence at the Annual Conference. These are awarded to the facilitators/presenters achieving the highest scores, as voted on by the delegates attending the event.

The Keith Munro Award is for the Best Paper.

2017 Winner:

Marc Farr - Director of Information at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Big Action, not Big Data, please!

Marc explained how he processes the multiple data sources available to him and his colleagues to achieve positive disruption within the hospital setting by holding staff to account. A highly entertaining speaker with an inspirational message.

Marc accepts the award from Guy Murray, Deputy Chair, BHBIA Board.

The John Wheeler Award is for the Best Training Session.

2017 Winner:

Alexander Wheatley - Research Innovator, Lightspeed Health

Can you really trust uninterested respondents? How to design surveys people actually want to take

Our respondents are people first and data second. So the quality of our data is only as good as the questions we ask. We might be seasoned market insights experts, but to create surveys that grab peoples’ attention, we need to pitch like an advertiser, engage like a story teller and entertain like a game designer. Alex shared some ideas about what can we learn from the creative industries in order to make surveys that people want to experience and not just click through - helping us to illuminate the hearts and minds of our Healthcare Professional respondents.

Read the full feature here

Franco Esposito accepts the award from Guy Murray on Alexander's behalf

Conference delegates will be able to view the slides from these and all conference presentations online (delegates will receive an email when all the content is available).

You can also find a review of the winning paper and syndicate session in the September issue of the BHBIA Journal.