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BHBIA Speaker Profiles: Natasha Patel, Letticia Banton and Sheena Amin-Liebman

The BHBIA are delighted to introduce you to our speakers for this event, please read their profiles below:

Natasha Patel – Managing Consultant – Head of Insight | Avalere Health

LinkedIn: Natasha Patel

Bio: Natasha has worked in healthcare market research for 17 years, spanning a variety of therapy areas and listening to the stories of clinicians, allied professionals, people living with acute and chronic health conditions, and their friends and family. With a background in psychology, Natasha takes a humanistic approach to health research, and is passionate about health equity and the social determinants of health.

Letticia Banton – Strategy Director | Avalere Health

LinkedIn: Letticia Banton

Bio: Letticia has worked in healthcare communications agencies for 12 years. Over her career, she has worked on global, regional and local campaigns across a wide range of therapy areas, including oncology, respiratory, diabetes and women’s health, for leading pharma and biotech companies, as well as patient groups and health professional associations. Letticia is particularly passionate about bringing to life the subjective and diverse human experience of health conditions, in the often rational and objective world of scientific communication. She studied history at the University of Oxford and uses skills from her degree to analyse data, look at the big picture and craft compelling narratives as a strategist. She is also a trained psychologist and has considerable experience in qualitative research, including empathetically interviewing people about their health experiences to mine deep insight that can be translated into inspiring and relevant creative work, which changes attitudes and behaviour. 

Sheena Amin-Liebman – Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion | Avalere Health

LinkedIn: Sheena Amin-Liebman

Bio: Sheena leads the design and roll out of strategic DE&I initiatives, analyse DEI data and metrics, and serves as a strategic partner to executive leaders, and has achieved the largest gain year on year in the Inclusion Index at Avalere Health. Sheen has significant years of experience in the field of diversity and inclusion at a senior level, including a stint as the Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Accenture Song. She is certified to Lead Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with a certification from Northwestern University, is a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Forum and has received several accolades for my work in the field, including the 2021 UK People Champion Award from Accenture.  

Speakers supporting BHBIA Professional Development do so in order to promote Thought Leadership, discussion and innovation for the benefit of the membership. They also do this on a voluntary basis for which the BHBIA is grateful. Don't forget to provide your feedback scores for the event as these will enter the event and speakers into our annual BHBIA Professional Development Awards - recognising excellence in Thought Leadership.