Entry Tips - for the various task-based challenges

Check out our news features to get inspiration from past winners and see details of the actual tasks that have been set in previous years:

Analyst / Analyst Team of the Year

Compliance Challenge

Creative Fieldwork Team of the Year

Plan your team now (if applicable): although you don’t need to specify the team members on your entry form, we recommend that you line up your team now and get the specified March date / time period noted in people’s calendars so that they are available when needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. If you have entered any given task-based competition in past years, whether or not you were successful, there is nothing to stop you entering again. The task changes every year, so there is no differential advantage for those who have competed before.
We recommend that you line up your team now and get the time period (dates in March as specified) noted in people’s calendars so that they are available when needed. Please make sure you have made a note of the date that the task is due to be distributed / date the competition will be held, as you will definitely need to have your team in place by then. Of course, once you see the brief you may want to make some changes to the team and that’s fine. We just need to know the final line up when you send us your completed entry.
That’s okay. Completing an entry form is an expression of your intention to take part but does not commit you to anything. However, we would really appreciate it if you could tell us as soon as possible if you decide not to take part, as this helps us plan our resources.
For Creative Fieldwork Team of the Year and The Compliance Challenge (if applicable) the format will be PowerPoint - similar to the real-life submissions, except that entries must also be totally anonymised. For Analyst/Analyst Team of the Year the format will be up to you - the only restriction is that the judges must be able to view your entry without having to buy a licence! Typically, successful entrants have used a software package to create an interactive dashboard. Again, entries must be anonymised. We will provide full details of the required format when we brief you in March. Initially, you just need to complete an entry form.
No. If you prefer you can tick 'not sure yet' to that question on the entry form. We will send you both briefs and you can decide which one to enter when you see them. (This does not apply to Analyst vs. Analyst Team which are two separate awards - please decide now which one you want to enter and note this on the entry form. If you do change your mind later, please let us know and it may be possible to switch, but this must be agreed ahead of the competition day.